spinach feta scrambled eggs
 1. add olive oil and spinach in nonstick skillet during preheating
 2. prepare scrambled eggs
    add salt, pepper, garlic powder, splash of milk
 3. when spinach has wilted, start cooking eggs as normal
 4. add crumbled feta a little bit before eggs are done cooking

spammy eggy rice
 1. fry onions and spam in cast iron pan to a char
    dice onions, slice spam into rectangles
    add soy sauce and mirin early in cooking
    add pepper later in cooking
 2. crack an egg into a hot bowl of fresh rice
    whisk it real good
 3. add soy sauce, furikake, and onions to rice
    whisk it more
 4. top with spam and sriracha
    further slice the spam into chopstickable strips