it's been a hot minute since i last wrote an entry!!! i should throw a shortcut somewhere that'll open emacs + create file with appropriate frontmatter and metadata in one go to minimize resistance to writing. a lot has happened!! i probably can't even remember everything, much less in chronological order.

i saw otoboke beaver and haru nemuri within a few days of eachother with patche which was awesome!! i had a hard time at otoboke beaver because the venue was massively overfilled. i had the tickets from a tour they had to cancel the previous year so i imagine the logistics got a little confused. haru nemuri was great!! she performed in the upstairs sister of the venue otoboke beaver played in. tiny audience in a tiny room, very cute venue, and incredible performance!! she's so full of energy and she had a hard time not crying while performing her last song.

i got a new amp for my bass, one thats not trash. before i was using a decade old line6 amp that was super noisy and dark, now i have a 150 watt ampeg that sounds awesome and is also like really big!!! if i sit on it i can't touch the floor it totally activates my size queen tendencies. i really want a new bass to go with it, sires v5r in mild green CALLS to me she's so pretty she's like chocomint flavour i am saving up for her

i've also gotten really into needleplay and doing that with patche has been a blast. a box of 100 needles i thought i'd never get through is being burned through at like 20-30 needles per week so i'm gonna have to get a lot more!! its really funny we learned how to draw blood for bloods sake and because of that we accidentally got really into needles for needles sake. this is now also growing into a looming desire to totally destroy my face with a disgusting amount of permanent piercings. i can't decide if i wanna get my eyebrow or lobes pierced first, i LOVE eyebrow piercings for the piercings sake but lobes have really awesome jewelry options and i can make blood earrings to wear too