it's actually been several days since i last played bass because my fingers were getting kinda hurty cause i went so hard for a week. i also decided i hate five string basses, which is also what i started on, just because that was what was available to me. i'm playing again now that my fingies have recovered and i have just gotten noticeably better during that recovery period. also patche fixed up her first bass which is a four string p bass and it's way more comfortable to play than the five string with my tiny hands!! and also has much better pickups

one of my favourite artists, fumoffumomo, appears to have recently made a lot of their music on youtube and soundcloud which made me sad because they're all wonderful tunes with really cute music videos. i'm not sure whats going on with them, especially since they only made part of their discography (like magical DTM dreamer) private but it's worrying. i hope they are ok. i sent them a message on patreon (i give them money) a couple of days ago but they haven't replied yet.

also i started messing around with playing to inuko no uta on bass. the parts of the bassline that i can actually make out are really simple and its all in 4/4 E major but it's such a noisy song that i can hear there are more details but cannot figure out where they are going. like i can hear there's some scales for flair but a lot of the time i cannot even tell what direction the scale is going somehow, other than i can assume that the only notes that are being played are E major. also even the rhythm is dubious, i can kinda get a feel for how dense it should be but it's kinda freestyle. i also sent a message to fumoffumomo about this to see if they have an unmixed stem i can study from but if they never reply i don't mind it's fun to improvise over anyways. great tune

today im carving pumpkins with patche