rare occasion. i slept over at patches house instead of the other way around. it usually doesn't work out this way because of logistical reasons and its always very lovely to spend time with her on her side of town.

we got breakky at a small local breakfast place she likes and i really liked it too. we also went to the pier and it was very very windy and we took pictures with seagulls. an older woman saw us holding hands and hollered "i've been trying to get my husband to hold my hand for fourteen years!!" i felt bad for her

then we got lattes and picked up new beans from the local roaster and shopped around guitar center and played various basses for a while. there was a hideous neon green dean with a headstock that straight up looked like dookie as well as a musicman that while i dont love the sound of felt really really nice to play. after we got back to my place i learned how to Slap, starting with dark necessities, its fun!!!

also i ordered gentian violet ink on amazon using my moms account bc i dont have one which is innocent enough. i wish i had known it was fulfilled by painfulpleasures!!! when my mom received the package she didnt know it was an amazon package (fulfilled by body art alliance) and opened it up to see what could possibly be addressed to her and must've seen the packing slip and figured out that it was me without even seeing the product bc it was in a bubble wrap bag. which like. it being fulfilled by a kink website tracks 100% with what i'm using it for but it's a little embarassing that she had to see that (and also knew who it was for without knowing what the item was lol)

anyways patche is home now and i'm gonna vc with her soon. her birthday is in a couple days and im looking forward to getting dinner with her family and going to the aquarium with her the next day.