awesome week!!! nov 06 was patches birthday and celebrating began on the 05 with dinner with her family and giving presents. i left a giant golfball size bruise on her neck the night prior and she tried and failed to hide it. she was embarassed even though she was the one who wanted it!!! silly silly

she got igor and various limited release death grips vinyls from her dad, a new guitar amp from her mom, and patchouli the doll from me!!! she tried to not expose her power level in front of her family i think she was self concious about being a doll enjoyer in front of everyone

the day of, the sixth, we went to the aquarium which was very fun. we saw all sorts of dudes and i lectured her about morphology and taxonomy of all sorts of fellas. we also took pictures of patchouli the doll in front of some exhibits, and also eachother, and also plenty of the animals. we were both particularly fasciated by the garden eels they're just like. guys. i love them

also they had aquatic caecilians which i hated. i will never stop thinking about how cursed of an existence caecilians are.

on the way home we stopped by ikea. it was both of our first times going and it was insane. i never expected that it would be a whole ass theme park. we walked out with blahaj. patche turned me into a stereotype. i dont mind. i have decided that i love blahaj

yesterday we discovered a really really good breakfast place in my city which is awesome. its really small and its like breakfast food but with mexican sensibilities. i got their mexicali omelette which had primarily chorizo and stuff and it was super super yummy are their home fries were delicious too. its on the way to my classes so we went again today i love it

also super rainy day today!! i got to wear some of my best cold weather drip but also i am californian. as a californian i do not own an umbrella. so my bangs got fricked. which is funny because i went back on forth about whether i should were my newsboy hat today and decided against it because it would frick up my bangs but the rain totally destroyed them anyways so i should've just worn it. i aced my stats midterm though so thats cool