im so bad at doing this daily or even only on days where theres stuff i want to write about but this week has been awesome. patche and i saw melt banana on the 10th which was INSANE. thats the most excited i'd ever been to see a show and it was everything i hoped it would be my only regret is that i didnt jump in the mfin pit until the last song bc i decided i didnt want to deal with taking out my contacts when i got home

a band called deaf club opened for them they are a powerviolence band and they are LOUD it was kind of incredible you could feel the physical assault on your body

also this week patche and i did lots of cooking and it was all super yummy. lots of scrambled eggs with spinach/breakfast sausage/pancake mornings and we also had adam raguseas home fries recipe for dinner and it was SO SO YUMMY and really fun and easy to make i want to do it again